Spiritus #1 — Original (framed)


Original painting, mixed media, 5,9 x 3,9 in, framed.

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  • Original painting.
  • Mixed media — colored pencil; watercolor; black, white and golden ink.
  • Papel: Canson Heritage 300g
  • Size: 5,9 x 3,9in
  • Framed: yes, no glass.

In all traditions the bee appears to be endowed with an igneous nature, like a being made of fire. The bee represents the Spirit, the Word, the temple priestesses, the pure souls of the initiated. It also symbolizes warrior ardor and courage. The bee “(…) purifies by fire and nourishes with its honey, burns with its sting and illuminates with its brilliance.”

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Weight0.350 kg
Dimensions5 x 18 x 24 cm


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